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Ben-Gurion University

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, located in Beer Sheva in the northern Negev and in Eilat in the Arava, was created in 1969 to transform the Negev. Named after David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, BGU is Israel’s fastest-growing institution of higher education, with an international reputation for innovative research, a modern 21st century campus and a dynamic, diverse student body. The University actively promotes hightech industry, agriculture, health services and education in the region while building bridges of peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors through initiatives in science, research and development.

Hebrew University

Hebrew University’s classrooms offer unique learning experiences and panoramic views of the 3,000-yearold city of Jerusalem. This is Israel’s first and leading university, and a symbol of the cultural rebirth of the Jewish nation in its ancestral homeland. Founded by such luminaries of the 20th century as Martin Buber, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, the University has become a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research, as well as a scientific center of international repute. Six recent Nobel Prize winners are Hebrew University graduates or researchers.

Tel Aviv University

With more than 28,000 full-time students, Tel Aviv University is the country’s largest academic institution, boasting a diverse and dynamic student body. Its faculty is comprised of nationally and internationally renowned scholars and scientists, many of whom are leaders in their fields. In addition, Tel Aviv University is only a short distance from the magnificent Mediterranean coast and bustling downtown Tel Aviv, the center of Israeli arts, culture and entertainment.

University of Haifa

The campus of the University of Haifa spreads along the Carmel Mountain ridge southeast of the city of Haifa. Since its establishment in 1962, the University of Haifa has developed into a vibrant research university, hosting six different faculties: Humanities; Social Sciences; Sciences and Science Education; Law; Social Welfare and Health Studies; Education; as well as a Graduate School of Management. The University of Haifa is home to more than 50 departments and 60 research centers